Nike Foamposite Pro Asteroid

Foamposite Asteroid

Nike Foamposite Pro Asteroid releases the 21st of December, same day as the Jordan 11 Gamma Blues. The foamposite material is based on an asteroid. It will contain the black shiny Nike logo on the side like all Foamposite “Pros” (Different from Foamposite “Ones”). The soles match the upper in terms of color; it’s black/grey in the back, and on the front, the soles are yellow, with the middle red-orange color and purple. They will retail for a whopping $250. They will likely be limited, but resell and sell-out determination is difficult due to the same release as the Jordan 11 Gamma Blues. But we predict the people who could not get the Jordan 11 Gamma Blues, will pursue these instead, thus a very slow sell out, with a resell price of $280-300, maybe more. Nevertheless, these would be nice gift for anyone, to have under the Christmas tree.