Foamposite One Oregon Ducks

Foamposite oregon duck

Another Foamposite One colorway will release on December 30th to end the 2013 year. A new distinct colorway, the Foamposite Oregon Ducks are based off the college sports team. They feature what seems like the texture of duck’s skin or feathers all over the black foamposite material, green laces, duck feet symbol on the left back shoe and the “O” in the right, green back tab and inside mesh and tongue. Something new has been done to the icy soles, as they contain sparkles. The Oregon Ducks symbol are also featured on the tongue emblem where a Penny Cent logo usually features upon. This is stated as a limited release, and unlike the other recent Foamposites that released which couldn’t manage to sell out, these have a potential of selling out due to the unique colorway, despite the hefty $250 price. Resell prices can reach $500s-800s, maybe more.