Foamposite Pro Spiderman

Foamposite Spiderman

Nike continues the Foamposite releases with the upcoming February 8th release of the Foamposite Pro Spiderman for a retail of $250. This colorway is unique because it contains 3 primary colors in a foamposite shoe at once, with back section being red, middle being black and the front being blue, based on the popular Spiderman Marvel superhero. The soles are also unique because one half is black and the other is blue. As a Pro edition (as opposed to the “One” versions), the shiny plastic Nike black logo will be featured on the sides of the shoe. These shoes are labeled as PRM, which means Premium and expected to be limited, however due to the already high price tag of $250 plus tax and or shipping, we do not expect these to sell out immediately, nor will the resell price increase despite some seeing them as favorable. Just as the Foamposite weatherman and thermal, we expect these to sit for a bit but sit less longer than the two other colorways.