Nike Foamposite One Silver Camo Volt

Another new Foamposite colorway is slated to be released on March 1, which is the Foamposite One Silver Camo Volt, for a retail of $250. This shoe features all silver posite material with camo details, silver nubuck upper, silver laces, black mesh tongue with bright green lining in the middle, and a bright green sole to match. This is a more appealing Foamposite colorway compared to the previous Foamposite releases. The green soles make it attractive, as most Foamposites contain icy blue soles, and the silver basically can be worn with anything. The camo details aren’t noticeable far away because it’s mainly camo of lighter silver and visible outlining. This sneaker is moderate in production, meaning they’re not too limited nor too general. But due to the hefty $250 price tag, expect only serious Foamposite collectors to purchase these. We predict these won’t sell out immediately. But may take a month or so before they’re gone off the shelves. Resell price most likely won’t change from the retail, but if they’re immediately sold out, we can imagine resell prices being $280-300.