Lebron 11 Summit Lake Hornets

Lebron 11 Hornet

Another sneaker released on the date of March 8 is the Lebron 11 Summit Lake Hornets for a retail price of $200. This particular Lebron 11 colorway is unique because of the design of honey combs on the background behind the posite eggplant color material. The upper mesh is lighter purple, reflective silver Nike logo with a bright orange red outline. And the soles are bright light blue. These are probably the most underrated sneaker release on March 8 behind the rest of the sneakers coming out the same day. Because of this, we don’t expect these sneakers to immediately sell out. Only real Lebron fans and people who love this colorway will be able to cop this pair with ease. Though they’re already $200, we don’t really see them reselling more than that as they can still be sitting in stores. But not for too too long. If and IF they do sell out, expect them to be around $220-280 in resale.