Jordan 1 High Baron 2014 (Updated)

Jordan 1 Baron 0

Releasing April 5, 2014 is the Jordan 1 High Baron for a retail of $140. Inspired by Jordan’s Minor League Baseball team, the Birmingham Baron when he retired to take a shot at baseball. Features front black toes, white background, light grey soles and back as well as the back sides. They will feature a Nike logo on the tag attached to the tongue and the number 45 on the back. Also, they have their own unique shoe laces consisting of striped silver and black. Insides also contain striped silver and black. This isn’t the first time a shoe based on Jordan’s baseball team had released, in 2008, Jordan Brand released two Baron colorways. These 2014 editions will be limited, because of that Nike logo on the tongue (Usual 1s have Jordan logos). These have a good potential of selling out and can resell for prices around $180-200 as a “steady price”, but maybe 220-230 as the “hype” price which lasts in a span of 2 weeks after release.