Foamposite Supreme Black & Red (Updated)

Limited Foamposite sneakers Foamposite “Supreme” Black and Red will release on April 3rd for a retail of $250 each. They are collaborated and based from Supreme, the skateboarding clothing store company and feature some unique art design on black and red Foamposites. They also feature icy soles and black and white carbon fiber plate. They will be limited, and only be sold in Surpreme’s New York, Los Angeles and London store, online store April 3rd, as well as Tokyo Japan on April 5. Please check the website for the store’s address if you don’t know. Supreme will also sell matching shorts and basketball jersey tank top for $110 each, also limited. They will sell out due to being limited, and resell prices can be $500-600, but hype prices (the first couple weeks after release) can be $800+.
*Edit*: We are now hearing word that they will release online at 11am Eastern time, 8am Pacific and they WILL NOT SELL IN NEW YORK.