Foamposite Pro Yeezy (Updated)

Foamposite Yeezy 2

April 19th, will be the day of the Foamposite Pro Yeezy release, for a retail of $250. For those not familiar with the term Yeezy, it’s Kanye West’s famous limited sneaker and this Foamposite colorway takes elements of the Solar Red Yeezy. Shoe features darker pink inside the shoe as well as the Nike swoosh logo on the sole, all black upper and foamposite material, and a blue glow in the dark sole. You can see a bit of carbon fiber details on the nubuck as well as all around the sneaker. They will release from footlocker, nike, eastbay, maybe champs and footaction and seems to be general released according to many visitors. This sneaker will most likely sell out, due to the Yeezy popularity and the glow in the dark soles. Expect the value to be $350-400 or more after selling out. But within the first weeks of release, they can be $420-500 due to the hype.
*Edit*: Many visitors are telling us these are general, even nike allows 2 per customer limit, but people have to understand that Foamposite general is not the same as Jordan retro general. Because of the material used in Foamposites, you won’t see a mass amount of pairs for these compared to your typical retro Jordan release. Even Nike labeled these Foamposite Yeezys as “PRM”, standing for “Premium” which usually means a shoe is limited. Nevertheless, these still have a high chance of selling out and selling for more than retail.
*Another edit 4/16*: Nike decided to change the limit order from their website to 1 instead of 2, which indicates that they can be more limited than initially thought. We sincerely apologize. We may stick to the $350-400 as a steady price, but hype prices in the first couple weeks can reach $420-500. Again, we are not confident about this due to the confusion and changes.

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