Nike Hero Collection: Lebron 11, Kobe 9, KD 6

Nike Elite Hero Pack

Releasing May 9 is the Nike Hero Collection of Lebron 11, Kobe 9 and KD 6. The Lebrons will be retailed at $275, Kobes at $225, and KDs at $200. The Lebron features mainly bright red with greenish blue Nike swoosh and soles, black, and metallic back and side panels that interchange to gold and purple from different angles. The Kobe 9 features wolf grey flynit, purple swoosh, turquoise bottom sides with yellow speckles. The KDs feature dark green/blue flywire with pink Nike swoosh, light green laces and midsole. These are going to be general, such as the previous Lebron 11, Kobe 9 and KD 6 collection. Because the prices of the Lebrons and the KDs have increased compared to their individual releases, they will most likely sit and the Kobe 9 will most likely be the more popular, and even sell out. This happened in the last Nike collection, so we have to make an assumption it will happen the same way in this release. The Kobe 9s, if sold out will be around $250-260, but can reach $280 within the first couple weeks of releasing due to hype.

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