Lebron 11 Everglades

Lebron 11 Everglade

Coming May 31st is the Lebron 11 Everglades for a retail of $200. A very unique Lebron 11 colorway, it is inspired by the state of Florida, and features all black mesh with multiple color foamposite grass designs, hence from ‘everglades’. The Nike swoosh logo is silver and the soles are an icy blue. These will be limited and so far, we see them only sold from Nike. With such vibrant colors, and an icy sole, as well as being limited, we can see these selling out. We see the value as $230-250, but within the first week or two, it’s a strong possibility that they will be around $280 or more due to hype. Overtime the hype will decrease and these can settle for $230-250. We will update this if we realize or find more new information.
Update 5/27: Looks to value $220-240, hype price in first couple weeks at $260-280.

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