Nike Shooting Stars Pack: Foamposite & Lil Penny Posite

Releasing May 17 is a unique special Shooting Stars pack featuring the Foamposite Shooting Stars and Lil Penny Posite Shooting Stars, both together in a package for a retail of $500. Lil Penny was the doll side kick of Penny Hardaway and was popular in commercials in the 90s. The Foamposite Shooting Stars has been anticipated ever since the NBA All Star game two years ago and the Lil Penny Posites are a premiere new sneaker. The Foamposite Shooting Stars feature all white foamposite, blue mesh along with blue laces, icy blue soles, and white stars printed on the black nubuck. The Lil Penny Posites feature icy soles, black with stars printed foamposite in the front along with the sides and back, the little penny logo on the rocky tongue, black mesh, and reflective blue back side panels. The sneaker takes some elements from Penny’s other sneakers. The package comes in a special box. This is going to be a limited release, and we expect them to immediately sell out, despite the huge retail price of $500. So far, we see certain footlocker house of hoops stores selling them, some niketown stores and, eastbay doesn’t seem like they will carry these. Since they’re $500, we see both shoes costing $250, however, the Foamposites are the more favorable sneakers. We see the whole pack reselling at $750-850, but hype within the first couple weeks or so can bring them to $900-1000. If separate, the Foamposites can be $500-600 by themselves and the Lil Penny Posites at $200-250 by themselves.
Update 5/12/14: Mostly all stores selling these will implement a raffle so you should come into your local store and ask for a ticket and wait to be called.
Update 5/14/14: We now see them as a pack going for a steady resell price of $600-750 but hype price (first couple weeks of release) to $850+. Foams at $400-450, Lil Penny Posites at $200-250.

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