Jordan 6 Cigar & Champagne

Jordan 6 Cigar Champagne 7

June 14th is the day of the Jordan 6 Cigar and Champagne release, each for a retail of $250. The names speak for themselves, and are based on Michael Jordan’s celebration after winning the Championship by celebrating with a cigar and champagne. The Champagne colorway features a dark green, black front and side with yellow sparkles, gold tongue padding with red Jumpman, full icy soles as well as icy top rubber tongue and pull back tabs, black laces and black mid mesh tongue, and finally they will include clip on Jordan gold rings attaching the laces as well as lace lock, and lastly, the insoles will feature cork. We can also assume the icy material will glow in the dark. The Cigar features the brown leather, maroon or burgundy laces, front, sides, tongue, back tabs, with other aspects of the shoe featuring a more typical red color and finally they will feature icy soles. They will also feature the gold tongue padding with red jumpman, and come with gold Jordan ring and lace lock for the laces. These sneakers will be limited, and most likely only sold by Nike and House of Hoops Footlocker stores and we can see these selling out in a heart beat. So far, the Cigar can resell for $320-380 of a steady price but hype within the first weeks or so can make them to be around $400. The Champagnes on the other hand are probably the more popular of the two, and be $400-500, but again, hype in the first couple or so weeks can make them go up to $600.

Update 6/12/14: New predictions are the Cigars being overall steady value to $320-360, the Champagnes being $350-380, but the hype within the first couple or so weeks can potentially make the Cigars $380-420, and the Champagnes at $400-450. Because of high hype, it’s possible they can reach beyond our predictions, but prices eventually will depreciate after the hype dies down.

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