KD 6 What The

KD 6 What the

Releasing June 14 is a ‘What The’ sneaker; the KD 6 What The for a retail of $150. Like all ‘What The’ sneakers, these too will be random in colorway. Nearly everything is different from the left shoe to the right. They feature different designs and different colors. These will be extremely limited and sell out really quick and sold only by Nike online and or various Nike retailers. They seem to only be doing RSVP via twitter in order to reserve a pair from your local nike store. Although we’re not completely sure, we can see the value of these after sell out to be worth around $600-800. But during the hype phase which is the couple or so weeks after release, we can expect to see them selling for around $1000.

Update 5/29: Article re-posted.

Update 6/6/14: These sneakers doesn’t seem to be as limited as the previous “What The” shoes in the past. Therefore the actual value may be cheaper than the initial prediction. Now we believe these shoes are $350-400 in value but hype within the first couple or so weeks, they can be commonly sold for $450-500. We shall see, this came out of left field and were not expecting this.

Update 6/7/14: Finishline, eastbay, footlocker, and other major sneaker retailers will carry these.

Update 6/12/14: New prediction of overall steady value being $280-320, but hype within the first couple or so weeks can be $350-380 until it dies down. Due to hype, prices can be beyond what we predicted.

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