Lebron 11 Kings Crown

Lebron 11 Crown

Part and most likely last of the EXT line for the Lebron 11s, the Lebron 11 Kings Crown will release on July 4 for a retail price of $250. They feature a nubuck base of black, black leather tongue, black laces, icy sole, and shiny side plating that changes colors from gold to green depending on the angle and light. It’s the most unique feature of the shoe and makes it the most appealing and possibly the best EXT Lebron 11s. They will release in House of Hoops stores only as the other shoe retailers have not indicated they will release these. So this signifies that these Lebron 11 Kings Crown will be limited, as most EXT editions are. They are highly likely to sell out, many stores are likely to do raffle procedures so you may have to stop by your local House of Hoops for a ticket. So depending on your local store, they may not do first come first serve. Please check with your local store. The hype within the first few weeks they will be around $340-380 but eventually the hype will die down and go for the initial steady overall value of $300-320, maybe even $280.

Update 6/30: Edited our prediction, so now we think the overall steady value will be $300-350 but the hype price on the first few or so weeks after release at $380-400+. These will also release in Ruvilla stores!

Update 7/2: Will also sell from nike.com and niketown stores but limited quantity.

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