Jordan Future Gym Red & Wolf Grey

Jordan Future Red and Grey

Two new pairs of Jordan Futures are set to release on July 2 for each retailing $150. They consist of the Jordan Future Gym Red and Wolf Grey colorways. Gym red is basically an all red sneaker, white midsole and matching red sole while the Wolf Grey features light grey upper, white midsole and matching grey sole. These are semi-limited because they will only sell from nike stores, nike online and house of hoops stores, but we expect them to have plenty of pairs. They have a median chance of selling out, meaning they could be available in some stores at some cities, but sold out in other stores at other cities. They are appealing so this may also play a factor; we think the red colorway will be more popular and have a higher chance at selling out than the grey colorway. We see Wolf Grey being valued at $150 to $180, however hype of a few weeks after release, we will see them being resold for around $200-220 until the hype dies down. The Gym Red colorway will be worth around $160-180, maybe $200, but hype within the first few weeks, they’d be around $220-240 until it also dies down.

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