Lebron 11 Low Championship SE Multicolor

Lebron 11 Low SE

Releasing July 28th is the Lebron 11 Low Championship SE Multicolor for a retail of $190. These shoes were supposed to release in a Championship pack similar to last year but Lebron did not win the championship so they are selling both shoes separately. The sneaker features basically a multicolor flynit all around, black rubber midsole as well as black back panel, Lebron’s signature is imprinted in the back, all bubble sole with red and blue, black mesh tongue, gold lace lock, and gold Nike swoosh. These will be limited and only sold from nike town retailers, nike.com and house of hoops stores with select footlocker stores. We see the total actual overall value for these to be around $260-320 or around that, but the hype for these can very well be around $350-380, maybe even $400. There are various factors we had to consider for the price, such as Lebron obviously not winning the championship, them being “lows” (lows aren’t too popular), and not being in the actual Championship pack. So we may not be surprised if we end up a bit off on the estimation. Most stores may do a raffle procedure so no first come first serve.

Update 7/24: The other sneakers will release on a different date. Also, a bit of a change in the estimated price value, we think they’ll be around $220-280 in total overall value overtime, but hype price around $300-350.

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