KD 7 Global Game

KD 7 Global

KD 7 Global Game will release in August 2 for a retail price of $150. The sneaker basically features all red all over, with silver Nike logo, silver KD on the tongue and air bubble on the back. The sneaker will be general despite Nike limiting orders to 1 per customer. They will release from eastbay, nike, footaction footlocker, some champs retailers. We don’t think they will sell out and they should sit in stores with stores carrying a lot of pairs despite the appealing red color. Although some stores can sell out in some places and maybe online, but other stores in other places can still carry these. They should just be worth their retail price of $150. (Main display image is reversed horizontally)

Update 7/31: These are actually not going to sell from eastbay or footaction, mainly Footlocker and some Nike Town including nike.com. We now think they will sell out at some places, but sit in others. There’s still a lot of Footlockers carrying them. The value could be around $180-220.

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