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We’re proud to introduce legit tags.

What is it and what does it do?

Simple, they basically indicate legitimacy of the sneakers that have been checked by us Kicksworth staff. You contact us, send us necessary clear images of the shoes, and after verification and if we approve and if they’re legit, we will send you a legit tag card via mail that you can attach to your shoes with a string included. The card features a unique code assigned to the shoes so you can check at:

We provided a sample code you can use, which is 000000, and then click “Check Code”.

How does it help me?

This helps for other people to realize your shoes have been verified and checked to be legit by us. So when you’re selling or trading, they can check the code on the card on and be confident in buying and trading knowing they’ve been checked and verified by us.

This helps people who’s serious in the sneaker game to ensure what they’re getting is legit.

Will you guys always be accurate?

We are not perfect, and as regular human beings we can make mistakes. However we will be extremely strict when it comes to verifying to avoid any mistakes. We will request multiple and specific images if we have to, to ensure sneakers are legit. In case of a mistake, a full refund will be given. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

There are some authentic sneakers, even if they’re authentic with featured flaws that we have the right to NOT approve as legit. B-Grades or custom kicks are sneakers we cannot give a legit tag to.

What are the costs?

The cost per card varies as follows:

$3 for shoes valued between $50-$240
$5 for shoes valued between $250-$499
$8 for shoes valued between $500+

We are required to obtain the necessary clear images for verification purposes as well as your shipping/home address. We accept paypal, or debit/credit payments. We also accept money order through the mail (we require tracking) and you can always buy in bulk!

Why is there an expiration date?

There’s an expiration date from a span of 6 years from the purchase. This is because some pairs even if never worn can change over time. The soles can yellow, there can be cracks. Also, the shoes might be worn and need of an update. After the expiration date passes, they may or may not be deleted from our code form.

What does the card say?

The front card says the big “Legit Checked” label, the website’s URL on top, and “This tag indicates that this sneaker has been checked and verified to be legit by in our own eyes and perspective”

The back card features the 6 digit code to look up on our form and also says, “You can check the following code on to check and confirm that this sneaker has been saved in the database and have been verified to be legit

Upon obtaining this tag, you fully comply and agree that Kicksworth staff cannot guarantee 100% accuracy due to various factors including but not limited to:

B-Grade products, different images presented upon inspection, flaws and damagaes, heavy use, customized products, etc.

Kicksworth staff have a decade of years’ experience for all types of sneaker services is not affiliated with any major sneaker brand.”

What pictures do you need?

We require pictures of the front, back, both sides, soles, box tag, all pictures should show your Kicksworth username tagged or “” hand written on a piece of paper. The date is not required but beneficial.

How do I pay?

We accept paypal, debit or credit cards, we also accept money order but require tracking. Our paypal payment is We also want your shipping/home address. There are NO refunds UNLESS there’s a mistake on our part.

Please send us a request by posting below or even emailing us at

Refund Policy?

No refunds, all sales are final with the EXCEPTION of the shoes not being authentic by mistake on our part. If we end up being wrong, you will get double your money back.

Fakes are on the rise, and “perfect” looking fakes are made and sold everyday. This is one step to avoiding the spread of fakes and prevent the deceiving of many sneakerheads worldwide. Help fight fakes!

Here is the sample which you can try out, go to Input the code 000000 and click “Check Code”.