Kobe 9 Low Beethoven

Kobe 9 Beethoven

The Kobe 9 Low Beethoven will release on August 16th for a retail of $200. The shoe features white with black and grey flynit design, white mesh tongue, white laces, white swoosh on the outer side, but the inneer side features a black swoosh. Kobe signature along with black logo is featured on the tongue. The midsole is a white with black speckles and on also carbon fiber plated is attached to the back sides. The sole is a light grey color with Kobe’s finger print on the bottom. These are looking to be semi-limited, and we see them only selling from nike, eastbay and footlocker stores. We expect certain stores to sell out, while other stores may still have remaining certain sizes available for a week or two because of the already hefty $200 price tag. Some stores may want to do lottery raffling so it’s best to check your local stores to see if they’d want you to come to their store on Wednesday or Thursday for a ticket. Online, we expect a moderate to slow sell out but some pairs can still be available depending on size. The hype prices resellers would probably want to sell them for is around $250-280, but overall, we think the steady value overtime for them would be around $220-230 when hype dies down in a month or so after release.

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