Nike SB Low Rukus

Nike Dunk Rukus

Releasing August 23 is the Nike SB Low Rukus for a retail price of $105. The sneaker is based off Lousiana cuisine. You can see particularly crawfish shell texture of dark red based around the shoe, newspaper in the background middle because that’s normally where you eat your crawfish from and corn on the back. The midsole is white and the sole is also the dark red that matches the crawfish like shell color. They’re looking to be quick strike limited release and will mainly release from Nike and select authorized skateboard shops. Try to call your local skateboard shops to see if they will release them because they may not do first come first serve. We think they will sell out because of the retail price and the unique colorway and theme. They’re projected to be at a hype price of $180-220 via resellers the first few weeks after release but the true steady overall value for these should be around $140-160 after the hype dies.

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