Foamposite One Black Suede

Foamposite Suede 1

Releasing August 29th for a retail price of $250 is the Foamposite One Black Suede. This is a unique Foamposite sneaker because the usual foamposite is replaced by suede/nubuck. The sneaker is basically all black, as well as the sole, and the carbon fiber. You can assure that these will collect dust easily and plenty of it. These will release mainly from nike, eastbay and footlocker stores. Some local stores might do lottery raffle procedures to pick who gets to buy these, but some may do first come first serve. We think they favorable and have a chance of selling out because of the unique style and the suede/nubuck feature. Online has a bigger chance of selling out but certain sizes might sit including pairs in local stores because $250 is already hefty. Then we see resellers attempting to set prices at $300-350 but we think when they do sell out eventually, they’d be around $280 under or over.

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