Kobe 9 Low China

Kobe 9 China

Kobe 9 Low China releases August 30th for a retail of $180. The features all red mesh material, with gold Nike swoosh on the side, front red slight reflective with a tint of gold leading from the middle sides to the tip of the toe box, red with gold speckled midsole with a black matte black featuring Kobe’s signature, white sole and a unique designed tongue inspired by China art and pattern. This sneaker is semi-limited and will release from nike, footlocker and eastbay. We see these at a moderate/medium sell out in most places but can sit in a few stores depending on the city and sizes. The hype price for the first couple or so weeks will likely be $280+ but overall the steady all around true value after the hype dies will be around $230-250 or $260. (Main display image is horizontally reversed)

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