Nike Dunk SB 31st State

Nike Dunk 31st

Nike Dunk SB 31st State releases August 30th for a retail of $120. The sneaker is based off and inspired by the state of California. It features mostly a white upper, nubuck/suede brown middle background with a white Nike swoosh, brown laces, greed midsole and red sole. A red star is stitched on the top side. It draws colors and features from the California Republic flag. It’s a quick strike release indicating it can be semi-limited. It will mainly release from Nike, but certain authorized skateboard shops may carry them, especially in California. If you know a local skateboard shop that also sells sneakers, it’s recommended to call them if you’re interested. We see them selling out at a moderate level. These are actually somewhat of a retro version of the original Cali inspired SBs which were low tops and worth a lot but these 2014 editions look more like actual Nike Dunks than SBs despite the SB label on these. Due to this, we don’t think they will reach too high in price. The hype price can be around $200-220 but once the hype dies, we see them going for around $160-180.

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