Lebron 11 What The (Updated)

Lebron 11 What The 0

Releasing September 13 for a retail of $250 is the Lebron 11 ‘What The’ editions. This sneaker is completely random, as the nickname “What The” speaks for itself. It features different colors and designs just too convoluted (too complex/complicated) to explain. Other than the randomness, what we do know for sure is that like other “What The” sneakers released by Nike, these will be limited. But we see them being as limited as the KD 6 ‘What The’, leaning more towards semi-limited. Nike, footlocker, ruvilla will release these so far. We highly suggest you to contact your local stores because it’s possible they will be doing raffling. The after release hype price for these are predicted to be around $420-450+ in hype via resellers, many will probably attempt to sell them for $500. But 2 or more months after they release, we think the overall steady after-hype true value will be between $350-400 depending on your local area, and because these are not as extremely limited as the past “What The” shoes and we see these like the KD 6 ‘What The’ in terms of availability and that the price increased for them was around $100-150, so applying the same and adding $100-150 to the Lebron’s retail price of $250 will make them around $350-400. They’re still guaranteed to sell out quick.

Updated 9/5: New estimation for the hype price for these is around $800, actual steady overtime value at around $500-650 after-hype. The pre-hype is strong. Eastbay has added them to their calendar.

Update 9/7: Selected Footaction will be carrying these but likely in limited numbers.

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