Air Max 90 Denim

Air Max Denim

Air Max 90 Denim will release on September 20th for a retail of $120. The sneaker features the washed designed denim with the secondary background color of light grey and infrared rubber lace inserts, back Nike emblem and back midsole where the air bubble is located. The rest of the midsole is white while the bottom sole is black. Also, the Nike swoosh logo on the side feature black snake skin. They will be limited and so far we only see them selling from Nike and Ruvilla because the other major sneaker retailers currently do not feature them in their release calendars. We think these will be a hit and sell out due to the Air Max 90 popularity and the appealing features of denim. The hype price after they release will be around $300+, but overall after the hype dies, we see them going for a steady overall value of $220-260.

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