Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014

Jordan 14 Black Toe

Jordan 14 Black Toe re-releases September 20th for a retail price of $170. They are similar to the ones that released in 2006, but the main difference is the sides. This year’s edition features an all white smooth leather side as opposed to the side with holes and ridges of the 2006. This smooth sided leather edition resembles the original Jordan 14s which had the same feature. The front black toes and tongue feature nubuck/suede type material feel, while the sides white smooth leather, black laces and black soles, bottom side silver plating, red back pull tab, red small jumpman on the toes as well as “Jordan” on the tongue pull tab, and black mesh style inside. This shoe will be general release and sold from almost every Nike/Jordan authorized retail store. For many parts of the country and including online, we’re expecting a moderate sell out. But for minimal stores, especially the small towns, there’s a chance they’ll sit until eventually they sell out worldwide. The value for these should be around $180-200 which basically is retail and tax and maybe shipping, but expect resellers to try to sell these around $220-240 due to hype, until eventually that hype dies and prices can then normally be seen to be around $180-200. The fact that they resemble the OG 14s, their comfort level and their colorway, makes this shoe appealing and classic.

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