Lebron 11 Low China

Lebron 11 China

The Lebron 11 Low China releases on September 25th for a retail of $190. The sneaker is based on the popular Chinese vase-like designs and features mainly white with blue art designs mainly on the front and parts of the back. The sole is blue and the tongue, midsole and laces are white which the laces feature a blue lace lock. The insides are blue and the back features speckles of blue over a white panel. This sneaker is semi-limited and releasing mainly from nike, footlocker (some) and eastbay. We don’t really expect a complete sell out, as some stores may hold them for some time. Lebron 11 Lows haven’t been high profile much like their mid top editions with the exception to a very few. The value shouldn’t be too much for these Lebron 11 Chinas, which likely will be around $200-220 (basically plus tax) but some resellers will try hard to sell these around $250+ but we don’t think many will succeed.

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