Foamposite Pro Elephant Print

Foamposite Cement

The Foamposite Pro Elephant Print will release on October 11th for a retail of $250. The sneaker features mainly all elephant print designed, known for the same type of print on the Jordan 3s. The sneaker also has a black shiny Nike swoosh logo on the sides, grey tongue and laces, the sole will be pink as well as the insole. This sneaker will be semi-limited, but sold from nike, footlocker, eastbay, shoe palace, ruvilla, and others. The sneaker is a bit favorable for many people, with the only turn off is the pink soles. The retail price tag also is going to be a factor whether people want to cough up that much for these shoes. With all these factors into account, we think they have a 30% chance of selling out, which is not really high. Some sizes may sell out faster than others, but generally, we have to predict many pairs and of certain sizes will sit. But we’re expecting resellers to still attempt to resell these, likely around the $280-300 to no avail. We think their value will only be around their retail, and overtime, to be a bit lower. Foamposites in general used to cost around $200-220, but with price increase, and overall general colorway production, the Foamposite game has been slightly declining.


Sell-Out Chance: 30%
Retail Value: $250
Predicted Hype Value via Resellers: $280-300
Predicted True Steady Value Overtime: $200-230

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