Kobe 9 High Brave Blue

Kobe 9 Brave

The Kobe 9 Brave Blue will release on October 18th for a retail of $225. The sneaker features mainly an all blue colorway of Nike’s signature Flynit material, with darker blue (obsidian) back and back sides, silver Nike swoosh logo on the middle sides, classic carbon fiber surrounded by a darker blue plate, and white sole. The sneaker is going to be semi-limited, and sold from nike, eastbay, footlocker, and shoe palace. They have a chance at selling out, but not too fast because it is an appealing dark blue colorway, but the already high retail price may scare off potential buyers especially adding tax. Few sizes may sit a bit longer than others. We are predicting resellers will try to resell these around $280-300+ but that’s due to hype, and when hype eventually dies, it will decrease down to $230-250 as a regular steady overtime price. (Main display image is horizontally reversed).


Sell-Out Chance Rate: 70%
Retail Value: $225
Predicted Hype Value via Resellers: $280-300+
Predicted True Steady Value Overtime after hype: $230-260

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