Kobe 9 EXT Challenge Red

Kobe 9 Challenge

The Kobe 9 EXT Challenge Red releases December 19th for a retail price of $275. They resemble the triangle sides the popular Yeezy Red October features, and are featured on the front and sides of these Kobe 9s. The rest feature red scale-like snakeskin. They have that reflective side plates and black midsole and sole. The Kobe logo on the tongue is silver. These shoes will be semi-limited, and sold from footlocker, nike and shoepalace so far. Due to the features of the popular Red October Yeezys on this shoe, there’s some hype, but due to the $275 retail price tag, it may be a significant factor whether they sell out or not. Also on the same weekend, the Jordan 11 Legend Blue will release which is already $200 retail. Also the Pantone 11s will release days later. Because of all this, I don’t think these Kobe 9s will completely sell out quick and because of their already high retail value of $275, the value afterward will likely not reach that high. I’m thinking around $350 at most at hype, but many people should still be able to get these for around retail or below around $250 after several months after releasing. But only time will tell, as there are too many factors here to determine how these will do in the market.

Kobe 9 EXT Challenge Red
Challenge Red/Challenge Red

Release Date: December 19th

Release Locations: nike, footlocker, shoepalace

Appeal: Good
Production: Semi-Limited
Sell-Out Chance Rate: 67%
Retail Value: $275
Predicted Hype Value via Resellers: $320-360
Predicted True Steady Value Overtime After Hype: $250-300

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