Foamposite One Gold

Foamposite Gold

Long anticipated after the Foamposite Coppers and Pewters have released, the Foamposite Gold editions finally officially release worldwide in March 20 for a retail price of $230. Basically they feature the gold color foamposite, with black laces, icy sole, black mesh tongue with gold lining, with nubuck lace inserts and gold stripes on pull tab. They will release from nike, footlocker, footaction, eastbay, ruvilla, shoepalace. They are appealing, however there’s some disappointment that they’re not as glossy, metallic or shiny as the Foamposite Coppers, or Foamposite Mirrors or even Pewters, and this very well be a factor of their value and sell out rate. Nevertheless, we’re still predicting a sell out due to being semi-limited and still being gold. The hype price will likely be around $320-350, but it’s expected that the steady overtime price will be around $260-300 after the hype dies because of the lack of shine and looking more dull. Otherwise they’d go for more if they had that shine like the Coppers or even the Metallic Reds did.

*Edit 3/8/15* Slight edit in steady pricing, change from $250-280 to $260-300. Also want to note about the competition with these and the Jordan 4 Teal and the Jordan 20 Stealth, the fact that those 2 are also releasing same day, can affect the sell-out rate.
*Edit 3/10/15* Release date has been changed to April 3.
*Edit 3/14/15* Release date has been changed to March 20.

Foamposite One Metallic Gold
Metallic Gold/Black-Metallic Gold

Release Date: March 20th

Release Locations: nike, footlocker, footaction, eastbay, ruvilla, shoepalace

Appeal: Good
Production: Semi-Limited
Sell-Out Chance Rate: 73%
Retail Value: $230
Predicted Hype Value via Resellers: $320-350
Predicted True Steady Value Overtime After Hype: $260-300

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