Jordan 4 Teal

Jordan 4 Teal

Upcoming March 14 is a brand new colorway for the Jordan 4 line, the Jordan 4 Teal for a retail price of $190. These were never released before as far as colorway in the past. They are all leather teal, light teal netting, external lace inserts and tongue logo patch, with black and white sole and midsole as well as black side strap for the upper laces and black laces. They are general and will release from nearly all authorized sneaker retailers. The appeal for these are good, and it’s expected they will sell out. Expected hype price after selling out likely to be around $260-280 but overtime steady after-hype price likely to go down to $210-240.
*Edit March 10th*: Finishline will not carry these

Jordan 4 Teal

Release Date: March 14th

Release Locations: nike, footlocker, footaction, champs, eastbay, ruvilla, shoepalace,

Appeal: Good
Production: General
Sell-Out Chance Rate: 86%
Retail Value: $190
Predicted Hype Value via Resellers: $260-280
Predicted True Steady Value Overtime After Hype: $210-240

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