Foamposite Gone Fishin

Foamposite Gone Fishing

Releasing June 20th is a new colorway for the Foamposite, the Foamposite Gone Fishin’ colorway for a retail price of $250. This colorway is very appealing and features your unique reflective emerald type blue and fish scale designs. The sneaker will feature an icy sole, skeletal fish on the back, the typical carbon fiber and upper nubuck with black laces, also there’s red lining on the back pull tab, red outlining of the front side Nike swoosh. (Warning, there are reported fakes out there of these already, a good way to distinguish is the lack of major reflective rainbow on the foam, pre-ordered shoes may be suspected)

Release Date: June 20th

Appeal: Superb
Production: Semi-Limited
Sell-Out Chance Rate: High
Retail Value: $250
Predicted Hype Value via Resellers: $400-450
Predicted True Steady Value Overtime After Hype: $320-380

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