Penny Sharpie Pack

penny pack

Nike is releasing the Foamposite Penny Pack, which also includes the Penny 6 for a total retail of $500. The major focus here is the Foamposites, as they are uniquely designed with black marks in the inner grooves of the sides. It’s been said that the NBA would fine Penny Hardaway for not having enough of the color black on his shoes so he’d take a sharpie and color in the grooves. The major interest are the Foamposites, while not many would even care about the Penny 6s.

Release Date: July 4th

Appeal: Superb
Production: Semi-Limited
Sell-Out Chance Rate: Very High
Retail Value: $500
Predicted Hype Value via Resellers: $700-800
Predicted True Steady Value Overtime After Hype: $550-600
Foamposite Sharpie Only: $350-500
Penny 6 Only: $150-250

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