Air Max 95 Greedy

Air Max 95 Greedy

Releasing this September 17th is the Air Max 95 Greedy colorway for a retail price of $170. The sneaker features your multi tints of grey, but what makes this sneaker special is the various colors of the tongue and external lace inserts. The left and right shoe do not match the colors. Even the insole and inside air bubble feature a different color. The purpose of this shoe is to combine 4 colorways of Air Max 95s together. They’re almost like a “What The” colorway that’s popular to many sneakerheads. They’re going to be semi-limited, and have a good chance of selling out. Resell prices are likely to reach around the $260-280s, but with a slightly lower overall steady price after the hype.

Release Date: September 17th

Appeal: Great
Production: Semi-Limited
Sell-Out Chance Rate: High
Retail Value: $170
Predicted Hype Value via Resellers: $260-280
Predicted True Steady Value Overtime After Hype: $200-250

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