We offer services here at Kicksworth in order to assist sneaker heads worldwide and we are applicable as an unbias third party member to judge sneakers and assist with online sneaker scams by providing report documents. But unlike your typical free legit and price checks, these are paid services.

Fake/Legit/Price Sneakers Proof Report Document

If you bought a pair of fake sneakers and did not know they were fake and got scammed, we can write out a notice of authenticity letter report document for you. This will help your claim and disputes on paypal, your bank, or even the seller to help get your refund. Or if you want a notice of authenticity for a sneaker we deemed to look authentic, we can provide a document for you. We can also do price appraisal report.

What we need:
-General info of the sneakers
-Link of the listing with clear big pictures (ebay, forum marketplace, website listing, etc)
-$32 fee, $20 fee if under $180
-Pictures of the sneakers (Tagged pictures with your name)
-Please allow up to 2-3 business days to process and complete the whole document

Report Document Request


We will carefully inspect the pictures provided to us and even from the pictures of the online shop listing. After clarification, we will write out a report document, add the images with highlighted indications of why the shoes are fake, print the document in colored ink, date and sign in, scan the document as a PDF file, and send it to you. This will verify to the paypal customer service or bank agent that you got scammed and they can potentially give you your money back. We very well have experience in this and have helped victims in the past.

In order to prevent abuse of our service, we have the right to refuse this service again to previously helped.

There will not be any 100% guarantees that this feature will completely work, various factors may include but not limited to: depending on the paypal/bank agent assisting you, the sneakers not being the same as the listing, etc. However so far, there’s beeen a 100% success rate in refunds.

No refunds.


If you have any questions, feel free to post and ask below.