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Type the sneaker’s keywords in the search bar and shoe names will automatically appear. Try keywords such as “Carmine”, “Playoff”, “Galaxy”, etc.
Please note that prices are subject to change at any given time. Prices are updated and shoe names are added periodically. If you have questions about other sizes, or cannot find the exact sneaker, please refer to the Public Price Advice page and post. You do not need to be registered to post. If you see any errors with the pricing (because mistakes can occur), contact us to fix it. If you have any suggestions on what else to add, you may post your feedback or suggestion below.
Note: Different browsers may display drop down menu in a different order. Also, keep in mind that tax, shipping fees, paypal fees, amazon fees, ebay fees, etc ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICES IN THE PRICE CHECK CALCULATOR.
Note: Condition under 5 are basically not worth anything.
Feedback and Suggestions for Price Calculator
(Note: We won’t be able to add all the sneakers existent, only the more common and well known models and colorways)

*We need people to be more specific, not just ask to add the brand, but specific colorways, and specific changes and request in price.