What are unauthorized pairs and how do they differ from fakes and authentics?
Unauthorized pairs can be confusing to many. They are basically sneakers released from outside the U.S in other sneaker retailers in compliance to the shoe brand. They are legit, but at times, can be slightly different from the authentic U.S pairs because of different factories producing them. They can also feature different stamps, additional stickers inside the sole, etc. Again, they are legit, just not released in the U.S. They are not technically fake and they are usually in great or similar quality as the authentic U.S pairs. Fakes are usually obvious they’re fake.

Why should we avoid buying fakes?
Fakes are considered counterfeit items, and it’s actually illegal to buy and sell them. Counterfeit shoes most likely have never been tested for wear and performance, so it can be hurt your feet without the necessary support. Since counterfeit items are cheap, they contain cheap materials and other substances (possibly banned), so it also can also be hazardous to your feet. Fakes can irritate your skin with potential allergic substances, and also they do not look well for the most part, but the biggest reason, is peer criticism. Nobody should wear fakes.

Do I have to log in or register to request a price check?
No. However if you’re a frequent user, it is recommended so you can avoid entering CAPTCHA codes, name and email field inputs when commenting or requesting.

How long will it take to respond?
As soon as possible, however we may have many to price/legit check.

What specifically do you guys price check?
Sneakers of any brand.

How do you determine the price?
We determine price based on market value (Not in-store). Factors would include inflation of the economy, supply and demand, condition of the product, year, limit, hype and popularity and more. Often times, we know the correct price from the top of our heads.

What can you NOT price check?
We cannot, and will not price check or label prices on HUMANS or other living beings, new products on the market, as their prices are already set (Check in store retail), and big value homes, area property, etc.

Do you just give the price of what the product is worth?
We give a price range, from the lowest, to the highest.

Is tax and shipping or paypal fees (if chosen payment) included in the price checks?
No, we do not include shipping, tax or paypal or bank fees, as they all vary. We only provide prices for items themselves, as if you were to do the deal locally in person.

What do the terms “DS” or “BEAT” mean?
DS means Dead Stock, which also is another term for Brand New. BEAT means the shoes are beat, and are heavily used and damaged. The V for VNDS means “Very”.

Why legit check, when I can just buy a counterfeit item for cheap?
Counterfeit shoes and other items, most likely have never been tested, so it can be hurt your feet without the necessary support. Also, since counterfeit items are cheap, they contain cheap materials and other substances (possibly banned), so it also can also be hazardous to your feet.

Why price check?
So we can give an idea of what a particular product or item is worth, so that people won’t overpay. Many people get caught up with the hype and pay too much and then regret doing so after seeing it at a lower price elsewhere.

Why should I trust Kicks Worth?
We consider ourselves experts, and or even professionals when it comes to collectible sneakers. We have dealt with prices and legit check of many sneakers, become staff at other sneaker websites and gained expertise from there. We are part of the sneaker head community and also care about other sneaker heads and want their collecting experiences to be as fair and best as possible. Most legit check from other sources always claim something is fake when something looks off, but that’s not necessarily true, even if something’s off, it can still be authentic. Other legit check sources use “Unauthorized” and many do not actually know what it means. We do.

What is hype price and overall steady price?
Hype price indicates the price of the first few weeks of release. The price is usually high after release because of high hype on the sneaker, and many people who want the shoe that couldn’t get it try to buy from others who manage to obtain them. Eventually the hype will die out and the price decreases because the demand for them aren’t as high anymore hence the overall steady price in the long run.