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We can also help determine whether sneakers are counterfeit (or fake) by a sneaker legit check. If you are curious about certain websites selling counterfeits, you may check our Legit Website Check page to see a list of legit websites. You may post here, give information about the sneaker, and post pictures. You do not have to be registered. You can also provide a link to the pictures of the sneakers. Pictures of the tags are highly recommended. Other members not registered are also free to give their opinions and comment on requested legit checks. We may also legit check websites, as there is a website bar in the form provided.

Tips for detecting fakes:

1) If the price seems too good to be true, then it is too good to be true! 99% the shoes are fake.
2) Compare the tag with an authentic sneakers’ tag, 90% the counterfeit fakes have different tags.
3) Awkward shape in sneaker compared to the original legit ones.
4) Very low quality production in fakes (ie; stitching, awkward logos).
5) Boxes for fakes are usually obviously fake as well, with the grooves of the cardboard becoming more visible, stickers of boxers are usually dead giveaways (Sticker peeling, awkward product print, etc).
6) Most common counterfeit sneakers are the Air Jordan 11s, Foamposite fakes are on the rise.
7) Websites with URLS ( containing words: discount, cheap, affordable, etc, are dead giveaways and 100% the products they sell are counterfeit.

(More to be added)
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