Level Price  
Kicksworth Phone Assist Subscription $5 a Month $5.00 per Month. Select
Kicksworth Phone Assist Subscription $50 a Year (Save $10) $50.00 per Year. Select
Kicksworth Phone Assist Subscription $50 a Year (Save $10) $0.50 now. Select

We the Kicksworth team would like to introduce the new Subscription service here at Kicksworth. This service provides a fast legit check/price check response through text messaging. Whether you’re attempting to buy locally and need a quick legit check, just take pictures of the shoes with your phone or even a video, and send it to us via text message, and you’ll get a reply as soon as we can answer, or you can send us a link of the shoes, if buying from a website. It’s only $5 a month. Alternatively, you can subscribe for $50 a year and save $10 from the normal monthly subscription. Cancel anytime. Once you’re subscribed, you will receive a phone number you can text us by. But keep in mind, we will only accept text messages from subscribers’ phone numbers. We will block all other texts from other numbers not subscribed and check out the subscribers list periodically.

Why trust Kicksworth?

The Kicksworth team composes of staff members who strongly dislike the use/selling/buying of replicas. Many have been scammed or known victims. And with this, we are dedicated to help consumers prevent the purchase of replica products. Replicas are growing, and teams like us help minimize their growth by helping others by not buying them.

Caution: Comparison pictures aren’t always the best because there are some shoes thought to be replicas which are actually authentic. One reason is that pairs sold in different countries other than the U.S can end up looking slightly different because of possible different factories produced than the U.S pairs. Another possibility is the time frame, of production between pairs, so different ends of the material are used.

How fast can you answer?

We usually can answer within minutes, but at most may take up to 2 hours. But there will be “Off Duty Times”. Keep in mind, we are human, and we need to partake in regularly human needs such as sleep and eating, etc.

Why is this better than your regular free legit check service?

This is better because not only is it faster and more live and less waiting time, but it’s through text messaging, which require no internet, so you can text and ask us right away.